What is Youshang Shield?

What is Youshang Shield?

“Youshang Shield” is to improve security level of our online management service and online transaction; it provides value added services on information security. Advanced encryption technology is adapted in “Youshang Shield” in order to prevent hacking activities and thus ensure the security of user.Check for Help>>

[The application of customer]

  • For business users that demand higher level of data security.
  • Users that often attacked by hackers, Trojans and viruses.
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Why I need to use “Youshang Shield”?

Easy to operate:Users only need to plug in “Youshang Shield” in their computers during login to Youshang, and then input username and “Youshang Shield Password” in order to login Youshang. When they logout, remove “Youshang Shield” and click “Secure Logout” to exit Youshang.

Highly secured:The password and certificate are stored in ”Youshang Shield”.Others are not able to export user password, “Youshang Shield” is currently highest secured in market of China and other places. Users are just need to keep their “Youshang Shield” safe and thus ensure the security of their Youshang account.

Self protection:If “Youshang Shield” is lost, when user input the wrong password 7 times continuously, “Youshang Shield” will be automatically locked. This can ensure the security of user.

Why I need to use “Youshang Shield”?

“Youshang Shield” activation flow

Activation flow   Activation flow

“Youshang Shield” login flow

Login flow   Login flow

“Youshang Shield” technical specification


  • No need to install driver
  • 32 bit high performance smart card core
  • 128 K ultra high capacity clip


  • Standard USB 1.1 device, USB 2.0 supported
  • Support system:Windows98SE/2000/XP/2003,Windows Vista
  • Qualify CE and FCC standard
  • Support X.509 v3 Standard Certificate Standard
  • Fully support PKI application, CSP & PKCS#11 interfaces provided
Technical specification