Being a subsidiary of Kingdee with globally leading online management and e-Business service platform, YouShang highly concerns and cares about the security of user's data. To protect the data security of YouShang customers, we have seriously designed in the aspects of technology, standard service flow, security verification, network environment and law and we strictly implements it to give our customers an all-dimension security protection system.

Should you have any hesitation or suggestion as to our system of security protection, please feel free to contact us.

Kingdee YouShang SaaS Service Security Advantage
1 Professional
  YouShang equips with professional operation team in guarantying the security of our service, the members of the operation team, which furnished with wealthy experience in IT industry, are mainly engaged in, for many years, system management, network maintenance, database management, and information security, etc.
2 Low Cost
  No burden in equipping professional IT staff, and server, etc, that hardware resource.
3 Efficiency
  YouShang provides 7*24 hours in operation of control system. First time discovers problem, first time solves it.

What information security standard does Kingdee YouShang obey?
  Kingdee YouShang is following the requirement of ISO 27001 standard (The Highest standard of International Information Security Management), and eventually implementing a full set of control facilities in fulfilling the information security. The control facilities includes strategy, process, procedure, organization structure, and hardware/software functions, together with building, implementing, supervising, auditing mechanisms, in appropriately improving these control facilities, in order to ensure the security of information.

What kind of technical practice that Kingdee Youshang takes to protect the information security of user's data?
1 Website securtity:
  Aimed at high security and usability of user data, we implement complete and mature network architecture, strict security design, multiple failure-tolerant and redundant network and key application solution. We put our servers in telecom-grade IDC in China, with comprehensive air-conditioning, dust-prevention, dual path power supply, fire protection system, to guarantee 99.9% of service availability. Furthermore, we cooperate with top-notch information security consulting company in China to enhance the security of the website, provide consultancy and training to ensure the website secure and reliable. Moreover, all the user confidential data is stored with irreversible encryption algorithm to ensure the raw data secure.
2 Login security:
  We provide user password level and verification code mechanism to ensure the security of user password. Moreover, we are planning to implement bank grade information security verification system like USB Key.
3 Data transmission security:
  User's important and sensitive information will be transmitted with SSL encrypted to prevent from illegal probing and use.
4 Data reliability:
  Database is installed in redundant machines with hot-swap solution and it is backup to different location of servers to ensure the security and reliable of user's data.
5 Data loss prevention:
  We strictly conform to China information standard and implement strict authorization strategy for any user's data access. No one is allowed to browse any user's personal data without the permission of the user. User's data will be permanently deleted after three months of the date of service expired without continuous subscribing the service. will not retain any user's data to eliminate the chance of disclosure of user's data.

How does Kingdee YouShang protect the security of user's data legally?
  User subscribing YouShang online service will commit "Youshang Online Management Service Agreement" with Kingdee E-business Service Limited. A clause in the agreement states that both parties should keep confidential of the written information of the agreement and other relevant business secret. Neither party may disclose the above information to other third parties, in any way nor for any reason; otherwise, the other party has the rights to request for compensation and seek for legal actions. The confidential responsibility will not lose its effect, though the invalidity, prior termination, revocation or no operation of this contract.