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Youshang online accounting service provides web based standard accounting application to enterprises. Youshang online accounting service fully implemented daily accounting tasks like ledger reporting, voucher handling, reporting and financial reporting, which provides quick and professional, highly collaborative and efficient accounting management and value added services.

Core value

  • Efficient decision making---with the help of internet, management can access key business data and response quickly to make accurate decision.
  • Collaboration with different places---Multi-users application, multi-point collaboration, multi languages support. Fully support collaborative management model of enterprise in internet generation.
  • Reduce cost---no need to install, no need to maintain, no need to upgrade. Lower the dependence on professional staff, and thus reduce the cost.

Service introduction

Service on Demand

No need to buy the software but subscribe online service on demand. No installation, no upgrade and no maintenance.

Safe and Secured

Collaboration in different places is provided by professional customer data storage and safety management from telecommunication operators. Manufacturer provides timely and efficient application service and it's much reliable.

Easy to use

With the aid of internet interactions like voice, multimedia, community, blog and search, which let Youshang more closer to user's habits.

Concern on Security: Youshang.com information security white book >>

Function highlights

[Efficient voucher management]

Voucher input support full keyboard operation. Auto balancing amount and it's highly effective. Voucher list can let you to arrange the voucher depends on any characters and thus you can fully manage your vouchers.

[Auto synchronization handling]

Initialization and daily accounting operations can operate at the same time. These save a lot of time of accounting staffs, and improve efficiency and reduce the chance of mistake.

[Real time report and auto publish]

Automated e mail establish function enable enterprise statistic report and management report directly generate to electronic format and automatically combined and establish through enterprise's e mail system. Thus combines the financial information system and Office Automation System.

[Powerful trace analysis]

From report to general ledger (sub-ledger) and voucher, you can continuously trace each transaction. You can check at anytime and generate the related report, no matter profit & loss report, balance sheet. In addition, you can print and export it for further handling.

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