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Privacy Policy Statement

Welcome to youshang.com! This privacy policy demonstrates our commitment to protect your privacy when you visit our website. With the change of our services scope, we may update this policy accordingly at any time. If you have any suggestions or comments, please send us an email to cshk@youshang.com. The terms below show how our website (youshang.com) collects and uses your information.

Limitation to Minors

If you are under the age of 18, you are not allowed to use our services and you shall not provide any personal information to us. You may use our services only when you obtain parental permission from a parent or guardian.

Username and Password

Some of our services are for registered members only. When you register to our services, you should choose a username and password and provide us with a valid email address. In case you forget your password, we could send it back through email. Your account can only be accessed with correct password. Your personal information may be distributed and may lead you to unfavorable legal cases if your password is divulged to others. Please contact us at cshk@youshang.com immediately if you have security issue with your password.


When you register to our services, you are requested to fill in a registration form with true and accurate information such as your name, address, telephone number and email address. In addition, if you register on behalf of an organization, you are also required to provide the address, telephone number and a short description of the services and products of your organization (such as a company). Information beyond what is required is supplementary information that is optional. You may choose to provide us with the supplementary information such as the province or city of your company, zip code, postal code, your occupation etc. We may use the registration information of the members for statistical purpose. Based on the statistical data, we may segment our members into groups, such as age, business, occupation, to provide you any new services offerings and opportunities that we determine you are interested in. We may send you these new services offerings and opportunities through the email address you provided.

Your Transaction Behavior

We may track your IP address solely for security and conformant to the nation’s regulation. If we do not find any security problem, we will remove the IP addresses we collected after a certain period. We may track the daily page visit to evaluate the traffic of the website in order to plan for the development in future (e.g. adding more servers).


We may collect personal information for integrated statistical purpose, and disclose the statistical information to the advertisers for the need of sales and rewards.

Use of Cookie

We use cookie to provide a more user friendly website to you. When you re-visit our website or services, it can save your time from re-entering the registration information and track the status of your browser.

Third Parties

Our website publishes business opportunities and quotations offered by users while other users could view them. We do not provide, sell, rent, share or trade user’s personal information to any third parties, except these third parties provide services to the website and members with youshang.com together, and they will not be able to access the information after the services terminate. We may need to disclose your personal information when required by law or demand by the government.

Storage and Exchange of Information

User information and data is collected and stored in our servers.


Our website contains links to other websites. Youshang.com is not responsible for the privacy practices of those websites. We may increase our partners and co-branded websites at any time. We may provide them with integrated general information only, and we may not disclose your personal identification.


Our website has security measures in place to protect against the loss, misuse, and alteration of the data we collected. These security measures include backup data to other servers and encrypt user password. Although we have taken such security measures, you are reminded that no ‘perfect security measures’ exists in Internet.

Contact Us

If you have any questions and suggestions regarding this privacy policy or the security measures taken by youshang.com or any problems when using this website, please contact us by email at cshk@youshang.com.